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These are some of my older side projects, since I probably won't be updating this list often. To see what else I've been working on, check out my blog.

nsudoku nsudoku

Ncurses based sudoku game with a random game generator, written in c during my senior year in highschool. I created this project in order to learn how to use ncurses and ended up spending half the time on the generator. It took me about one day from start to finish. Packages exist for a couple of Linux distributions, but it's pretty simple to compile and install it manually.

My work desk My work desk

As someone who likes his environment functional, I had trouble finding a desk to buy that satisfies my requirements. It took years of planning and procrastination to finally come pretty close to finishing it (I still need to make a few network cables and mount one of my network switches to the desk). Unfortunately, the CNC machine that I had available couldn't cut a board of the original size (1x2.5m) so it had to be made in 2 pieces.