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My work desk

It took a couple of years, but I finally wrote this all up. I've never been able to find a desk that I wanted, at least not a reasonably priced one. The obvious solution was to build one and I started planning it. 

It's mounted to the wall with corner braces and has a leg at the remaining corner, which makes it as stable as possible. Cables are able to pass down through the cutouts in the bench and desk. 

Here is what the desk looked like when it was partially installed. 

installed corner piece 1

The first version of the desk design I drew up many years ago. I wasn't happy with it so that design got scrapped. 

first design rendering

This is the version I decided to build. Unfortunately, the CNC machine that I had available couldn't fit the whole board, so the desk was split up into 2 parts. 

final design rendering

When I finally got the board cut I mounted the corner piece, set everything up and took a couple of photos. 

installed corner piece 2

installed corner piece 3

If you want to build your own or change the design to fit your needs, here are the drawings. 

Whole desk: DWG | PDF
Corner piece: DWG | PDF
Monitor bench: DWG | PDF