author: Tin Benjamin Matuka
current version: 1.3 - 2015-06-23
license: MIT
requirements: *nix with libncurses
- nsudoku works on OSX, it needs "Developer Tools" to compile (thanks to Antonio Paolini for letting me know)
- has vi bindings (thanks to Howard Pepper)

- source - to compile it run 'gcc -o nsudoku nsudoku.c -lncurses'
- ArchLinux AUR
- Slackware

changes in 1.3:
- changed the compile command so that it works on recent Ubuntu
- cleaned up a bit so that nsudoku compiles quietly with -Wall
- made the game look nicer on smaller consoles

changes in 1.2:
- fixed bug where all numbers would become unbolded on reset
- fixed bug where all numbers would become bolded on redraw
* thanks to Isaac Good for reporting these bugs

changes in 1.1:
- added vi key bindings
- moved help from h to H because of vi bindings
- added complete redraw on ^L, ^R, H and terminal resize
- added switches to disable color and disable printing on exit
- set default SOLVED value to 40, so it doesn't have to be provided
- set a different color(blue) for lines, so that they are more visible
- bolded starting numbers, so that they are more visible
- changed project URL and contact mail address