Tin Benjamin Matuka
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my name is Tin Benjamin Matuka and I'm also known as tbmatuka and Sh1fty. I was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, which is where you could probably find me right now, since I don't get out much.

I've been working as a Backend Web (PHP) developer and consultant/architect for complex web projects. My unique work experience made me capable of planning and developing Web sites that scale well to huge amounts of traffic.

For a while, I worked as Linux sysadmin for some of the world's biggest sites. Working with those sites gave me the insight into the infrastructure needed to run a traffic heavy site and how to develop sites to work with the needed infrastructure. With that knowledge I went back to development and started working full time as a Backend developer for Web agencies here in Zagreb. Most of my projects had millions of users and had to be fast and reliable under heavy load.

If you have a project that needs to be written from scratch or completely rewritten, I'd love to work on it. You can choose a way to contact me on the about page.